The Artist


My earliest recollections are of painting and drawing. Whether it was an early interest on my part, or because my aunt was an artist, my parents supplied me with paints, paper, and crayons in great abundance. I drew, painted, and colored on every scrap of paper I came across. It grew into a love of recording the world around me. As I got older, there were numerous "incidents" at school where I was caught sketching the teacher, (which he did not find amusing), or trying secretly to look at the many art books I lugged around, when I was supposed to be listening to "The Problems of Democracy". I was sent in exile to the principal's office, where my art teacher, who happened to be walking by, promptly bailed me out. (She was very supportive - after all, she said, I was only looking at pictures.) I'm sure today teachers have much more pressing worries than a student looking at an art history book.

The area of Pennsylvania, where I grew up is very rich in art history and was the home of many wonderful artists. Of course we had the Wyeth family, but also William Trost Richards, George Weymouth, Howard Pyle - the list could go on almost endlessly. All of these artists have provided inspiration for me, along with the picturesque rolling hills and farmland. Even now, as I travel through the Chester County countryside, the beauty is astounding. The sunlight coming down through the trees, the bridges and farms, are all things I love to paint.

I always paint things I am deeply familiar with. Whether, it is Paris, where we have spent so much time, or the French countryside, or my own gardens, my work is always done from something I love. I provide a lot of detail in my paintings. I want you to wonder what is behind that door - or take your shoes off and walk through the shade and cool grass - or maybe dangle your feet in the creek - or put on your hat and mittens and go outside on that stark and cold day. I want to draw you in to the painting. I have included most of my portfolio on this site, along with paintings that have been sold, which I think will give you a perspective of my work.

I hope you enjoy viewing my paintings. Please feel free to e-mail me your comments or ask questions.

© Judith Finore